DirectX11: DirectX11 Download and Environment Configuration

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Configuration of DirectX11 under VS2013.

Configuration steps:

1. Install the DirectX SDK.

2. Configure. h and. lib file paths.

3. Link the. lib file in VS.

1, Download DirectX SDK (DX11).

Click to open the link, password: o0sq.

Download and install it.

2, Configure. h and. lib file paths:

After installation, open VS2013 and create a project. Right click on the project name in Solution Explorer and open "Properties":

After opening the properties, go to "Configure Properties" -> VC++ Catalog; Add your DirectX installation directory under "Include Directory" Include.

For example, my installation path is: C: Program Files (x86) Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2010) Include.

" Library directory; Add Lib x86 to your DirectX installation directory:

For example, my installation path is: C: Program Files (x86) Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2010) Lib x86.

(Please use ";" to separate the front and back directories).

3, Link. lib file:

Then click on "Linker" -> "Input" -> "Additional Dependencies", click on the dropdown arrow at the end and select Edit:

Paste the following library files after the original files:

D3d9. lib
D3dx10d. lib
D3dx9d. lib
Dxerr. lib
Dxguide. lib
Winmm. lib

Then confirm the application.

This completes the configuration.

So let's check if the configuration is complete:

Samples C+ in the DirectX installation directory+ Direct3D Tutorials Tut04_ In the Lights directory, open the. sln file
When opening with VS2013, if prompted to upgrade, confirm the upgrade. (My engineer's upgraded project is different from the one I first saw).

After upgrading, if you see this image, it proves that the configuration is correct:

Problems encountered during the installation process:

When installing the SDK, there may be:

The error message is: Error Code: S1023.

The reason for the S1023 error is VC++ The runtime library cannot be successfully installed, and VC++ The reason why the runtime library cannot be installed is that VC+ is already installed in the system+ Run the library with a version equal to or higher than the version to be installed.

We just need to compare the installed VC in the system to the SDK+ Uninstall the higher version of the runtime library:
Uninstall program: (As long as the following two program versions are higher than or equal to 10.0.30319, uninstall them. Please note: do not uninstall 2012 or 2008 incorrectly.).

Then reinstall it to solve the problem