What is DirectX

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Microsoft DirectX is a set of technologies aimed at making Windows based computers the ideal platform for running and displaying applications with rich multimedia elements. DirectX includes security and performance updates, as well as many new features that cover all technologies. Applications can access these new features by using the DirectX API.


The functions of DirectX .

DirectX enhances 3D graphics and sound effects and provides designers with a common hardware driver standard, eliminating the need for game developers to write different drivers for each brand of hardware and reducing the complexity of user installation and hardware setup. The emergence of DirectX is aimed at providing direct services for numerous software& Amp; Nbsp;

Composition of DirectX .

Display section: The display part plays a crucial role in graphics processing, and is divided into DirectDraw (DDraw) and Direct3D (D3D). The former is mainly responsible for 2D image acceleration, while the latter is mainly responsible for displaying 3D effects.

Sound section: The main API in the sound section is DirectSound, which not only plays sound and handles mixing, but also enhances 3D sound effects and provides recording functionality to improve sound card compatibility.

Input section: The input part of DirectInput can support many game input devices, allowing them to fully utilize their optimal state and full functionality. In addition to the keyboard and mouse, it can also be connected to controllers, joysticks, simulators, etc.

Network section: The network part of DirectPlay is mainly developed for games with network functions, providing various connection methods such as TCP/IP, IPX, modem, serial port, etc., allowing players to engage in battles through various networking methods. In addition, it also provides network dialogue function and confidentiality measures.

The History of DirectX .

Since the development of DirectX, there have been multiple versions from DirectX 1 to the latest DirectX 11 (there is no DirectX 4). Among them, there are significant changes as follows:

DirectX 8.0: Introducing& for the first time; Ldquo; The concept of pixel rendering can easily create a realistic dynamic ripple light and shadow effect on the water surface.

DirectX 9.0: Add processing capabilities for floating-point data. Previously, only integers could be processed, which improved rendering accuracy and resulted in the final processed color format reaching movie level.

DirectX 10: Improved API and driver capabilities, parallel engine support technology, and unified rendering architecture.

DirectX 11: GPUs can be allowed to perform more general computing tasks, rather than just 3D operations.