Configuration of VS2015 and DirectX11

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What is DirectX11

DirectX the application program interface set provided by microsoft( APIs ), designed to be in operation windows the underlying interface used on the operating system platform to provide developers with control over hardware. its various components provide the ability to access different hardware, including graphics (graphics card), sound (sound card), GPU input devices and all standard interfaces : for example, game joysticks, mice, etc. 
DirectX it was first used by game developers to create Windows and Xbox standards used on the platform API set. it provides a driver layer on the device to operate the hardware. (attention) :Xbox 369 usage DirectX version development after 9) 
Comparison between DirectX11 and previous versions
Direct3D 10's API compared to the previous version, it appears lightweight and API it is easier to use than previous versions. 
 one obvious difference from other versions is that Direct3D the fixed function pipeline was removed in 10, but the removed part is the rendering state and in the API a necessary set of algorithms to allow the use of public special effects to render objects. removing fixed function pipelines on graphics hardware and replacing them with programmable shaders. 
 stay Direct3D in 9, we can use shaders to render geometry, and turning on lighting only requires setting a small number of properties and rendering states API will convert our geometry so that we only need to call a small number of Direct3D function. stay Direct3D we can still do all the above things through shaders in 10, and we can do even more. the key point that beginners need to remember is that when learning graphic programming for the first time, fixed pipelines are built in API the shader allows us to create any special effects, with the only limitation being the frame rate in the game. want to use lighting? just drop it off Direct3D function to enable it and set its properties (up to 8 lighting options). want to render the surface through multiple images? just turn it on. it can even perform the pixel based blur operation and depth domain you want, but using a fixed pipeline is not as lucky. 
DirectX 11 is more like DirectX10. an enhanced version of 1, unlike from DirectX 9 to DirectX upgrade to the main version of 10. 

The components of DirectX

DirectX it is a collection of code libraries that provide a common set of functions for games and multimedia applications. to ensure that your game only requires the use of necessary functions, DirectX divided into multiple components. 
DirectX API divided into multiple components, so that each part only responds to one aspect of the system. between components API independent of each other, allowing for the use of the parts required by your game. in the latest version, some components have been updated, such as Direct3D components, while other parts are retained like previous versions until microsoft removes them (if they are outdated components). DX the components between should be independently updated according to the requirements of the new function. 
My first DirectX program

About the Configuration of DirectX11 under VS2015
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