ArcGIS Earth1.7 beta installation method - resolving the issue of 0X80070057. DirectX device creation failed

Recently, ArcGIS Earth1.7 beta was released, and I tried to install it on the flagship version of Windows 7 on a local network PC. After an afternoon of trying, the installation was finally successful, and the record is as follows:

1. Download ArcGIS Earth1.7 beta

Download: Download address.


2. After installation, error message: 0X80070057. DirectX device creation failed

3. I thought it was because the Invidia graphics card driver was not installed properly, and the graphics card was GTX 1050 TI

Go to NVIDIA's official website to download the latest graphics card driver: download address.

4. After installation, there are still errors. By running the DirectX diagnostic tool (cmd - dxdiag), there is no problem with DrectX 11.

5. It is possible that the local area network computer system has not been patched, so download the patch: patch download.

After installing Windows 6.1-KB2670838-x64.msu, the issue was resolved.