What is DirectX and the solution to the problem of unable to open the game

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When playing large 3D games, there may be error warnings for missing files. This is not a software error, but a problem with missing library functions in the graphics programming interface.

DirectX can enhance 3D graphics and sound effects, and provide designers with a common hardware driver standard Allowing game developers to avoid writing different drivers for each brand of hardware and reducing the complexity of user installation and hardware setup
For example, games from a long time ago were not as easy to play as they are now, but rather required a series of settings such as the brand and model of the sound card If one of the settings is incorrect, the game sound will not be produced. This part of the setup not only causes players a headache, but also makes it even more challenging for game developers In order for the game to run smoothly on numerous computers, developers must collect all sound card hardware data from the market at the beginning of game production Then write different driver programs based on different application programming interfaces, which is difficult for game production companies to complete, so multimedia games were rare in the past
And Microsoft saw this issue and launched a common application programming interface - Directx for many manufacturers, as long as the game is developed according to Directx,
No matter what graphics card, sound card, or anything you use, you can play it and even achieve better results
Of course, the prerequisite is that your graphics and sound card drivers must also support the DirectX interface.